Thursday, January 28, 2016

FAST WINTER ASSESSMENT & a couple other things...

Last week, the teachers at Keystone Elementary administered the winter FAST assessment. This assessment is used to determine if your student is proficient in reading. The areas that were assessed for winter are: letter sounds, nonsense words, onset (beginning sounds), and word segmenting. From here, we will progress the students that are "in the red." We have 5 students that are going to be progressed monitored, based on this assessment. I was pleased with our results and the kids that were progress monitored in the pass, showed great improvement. If you would like to know your child's FAST outcome, please contact me and I can send this information. 

Guided Reading
I have started sending books home that your child is reading during our Guided Reading time. They come in 3-4 sheets, but you have to put them together. I know, it's time consuming, but it's very important and FUN that your kinder gets to share this with you. They work very hard all week to learn these books and better their reading skills!

Chatty Chart
This week, I introduced a new classroom behavior tool. The first part is called the "Chatty Chart." If the students show disrespectful behavior, they get a check by their name. This is how the checks breakdown:
2= 5 mins from recess
3= 10 mins from recess
4= all of recess
5 or more= I communicate with parents and/or they visit with Mr. Junge.
Thank goodness, after the first day, nothing over 3!
If they don't get marks throughout the day, I punch their mon-star punch card. These are hanging by the window and they love checking them out.  If they fill up their card, they get to pick something special! Some of the ideas they came up with are: lunch in the room, lunch with a parent (if possible), bring something to share from home, or extra iPad time. 

Wow! That's a lot of info! As always, let me know if you have any questions. 

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